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AER-TEC is designed to enhance thermoregulation for players and goalies by integrating into base layers, protective equipment and gamewear. The technology functions through absorption, evaporation, and ventilation, resulting in quicker cooling of the body's core temperature preventing overheating, and results in improved performance. AER-TEC promises to deliver comfort and increased performance on the ice, because when you play cooler you play smarter.

Where to find AER-TEC?
AER-TEC enhances air circulation, sweat evaporation and regulation of body heat in PROTECTIVE GEAR, performance baselayer & gamewear.

AER-TEC Suspension System

CCM's new AER-TEC Suspension System creates channels for cool air to flow through the equipment, promoting sweat evaporation and releasing hot air.


CCM has upgraded TOTALDRI with AER-TEC technology to improve moisture wicking and provide targeted ventilation to rapidly evaporate sweat and cool the body.

AER-TEC Ventilation System

CCM's AER-TEC Ventilation System features strategically placed ventilation ports and channels to maximize air flow and facilitate sweat evaporation from the body.


CCM's AER-TEC Thermoregulation maximizes air intake and heat exhaust with NEST TECH and ventilation channels. the 720 helmet has the same great fit with improved comfort and feel.