Back in stock

The AS4 Pro stick is now back in stock. Perfect timing for when you hit the ice this summer.

CCM Total Custom Goalie Program

Custom made, just for you.


Vintage Apparel

Our logo is as iconic today as it was 30 years ago. With color block graphics embellished with our hottest Vintage logo, these pieces will amp up your denim and speak to our legacy.

Nostalgia Collection

From those early morning ice times to those moments when the winning goal is scored. Time is not measured by clocks, but by those moments in time that stand out.

Change Comes from Movement

Diversity, equality and inclusion isn't something we need to do, it's something we are. Through hockey, we have the ability to make a difference and it's time we make this sport for everyone.

"The One-Piece Boot is a
game changer."

- Auston Matthews on his FT4 Pro skates

"Speed, control and a great release."

-Sidney Crosby on the Ribcor stick

“This helmet feels amazing."

-Connor McDavid on his helmet

"They’re light, flexible and the coverage is great."

-Maddie Rooney on the EFLEX 5 pads